Wedding Speeches

What are you going to say on that special day?

Wedding speeches make you an important part of someone's special day. Or maybe you are that special someone, and you need to say a few words at your own wedding! But what will you say? Here are tips and tricks for giving your talk or toast.

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Visit Wedding Speech Tips for general tips. Scroll down to find speech tips for the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride,Mother of the Bride, and finally for the Bride and Groom themselves.

Wedding talks aren't just serious - sometimes they can create some funny situations! If you have a funny wedding presentation story, tell us here. After you click on the link, below the form are other people's funny stories. Read and comment.

Types of Speeches

  • Best Man. The opening is the hardest part. Don't be too outrageous - after all, this isn't your special day. Take the Bride's and Groom's personalities into account. As best man, you're expected to provide a bit of fun. Tell some good stories. Keep it brief and personal. If these tips don't help you enough, check out our free best man speeches.
  • Maid of Honor. It's not just the best man we need to hear.
  • Father of the Bride. It's a big day in your daughter's life. A big day in yours, too.
  • Mother of the Bride. All the planning, worrying, and excitement is finally coming to a head. Your daughter is getting married, and this is your chance to make her moment special.
  • Bride and Groom. It's your wedding! Whatever you say, people will love it.

In the end, giving a good speech comes down to caring about the couple and the family. Show love and encouragement and everything will go well. Happy speaking!
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