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You need to show someone how to do something - but where can you find good demonstration speech topics? Here are 10 great topics, along with why they're good.

  • Ethnic food. Provided you give samples, anything with food will be an instant hit! Adding an ethnic twist will make your speech unique and interesting, along with allowing you to talk about family, culture, and history.
  • Quickly learned skills. Anything your audience can master as you give your speech makes a good candidate for a topic. Take a simple origami bird, for instance. You can walk your audience through step-by-step, and because it's simple to learn, they'll know it by the end of your demonstration and have something tangible to show for it.
  • Magic Tricks. Don't ever divulge great secrets, but a simple magic trick can make for an intriguing and entertaining speech. You can make your speech even better by closing with an effect that you don't teach them, adding to the mystery and building a powerful conclusion.
  • Art. Can you draw the perfect face? Do an artistic demonstration and you'll have your audience simultaneously following with their pens and hanging on to every word.
  • Foreign languages. Are bilingual (or tri-, or more)? If you know more than one language, 'demonstrate' how to speak it. Teach your audience a few useful phrases. Have them repeat the phrases back to you. It's an easy and engaging way to fill time, and you'll have taught your audience some useful knowledge.
  • Make money. Do you have an easy way to make money? A posh job? Self-employed? Tell people about it. Demonstrate how you make money, and your audience won't miss a word.
  • Become slightly famous. Along the lines of the item above, think about what people want. Are you well-known for something among your friends, family, or neighborhood? Demonstrate what you're "moderately" famous for, and show people how they, too, can achieve fame.
  • Win _______. Show your audience how to win something. Anything. Everybody likes to win.
  • Fall asleep. Go against stereotypes and show people how to easily fall asleep during your speech.
  • Give a demonstration speech. Demonstrate how to give a demonstration speech. Your speech will make a great humorous parody.

Demonstration speech topics can come from anything you are good at. Take it and run!
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