Persuasive Speech Topic
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What is a persuasive speech topic?

As the name implies, this is a speech where the goal is to help sway beliefs and opinions towards those of the person using the speech to sway opinion.

Now, the opinions and beliefs put forth by the person giving the speech do not need to be completely accurate. The entire speech could entail logic that is thoroughly off base!

However, if the speech can persuade listeners then it delivers on all expectations.

If you are giving a persuasive speech, it is recommended that you do not try to present an oration that is off base or obtuse. Doing so will likely undermine your credibility and the truth of the matter is the more accurate and truthful your speech is, the greater the odds will be that your speech persuades. After all, it is much better to select a persuasive speech topic that is honest that one that is not.

So, how can you take effective steps to make sure you are working with a topic that is a legitimate one? There is no established science for being able to do this. However, if you follow more than a few common sense steps, you will learn that it is not all that tough to determine a persuasive speech topic.

What Constitutes a Quality Persuasive Speech Topic?

The topic should be both current and compelling. That means you want to pick something people are a little abuzz about. It is a lot easier to persuade people when the topic is something they are already familiar with and interested in. The reason this is so is because esoteric or outdated topics generally do not hold an audience's interest for long.

There needs to be some value in the speech for the audience. What exactly is in it for the audience in terms of being persuaded? If the audience feels there is some benefit in being persuaded to your point of view, they will be a lot more likely to be in agreement with it. As such, the topic you select should be something that does offer potential value. Remember, people always want to improve their lot in life. As a result, they will be a lot more likely to be drawn to be persuaded by a speech that has something to truly offer them.

Back up all your assessments in the speech with clear and definitive facts. The way to start here would be by selecting a speech topic that is rooted in fact. A topic that is overly speculative might not work because the audience may have doubts about it. Do not make the common error of assuming the audience believes you when you make a statement. Now, this is not to infer the audience believes you are outright trying to deceive them. They may, however, assume you are being hyperbolic in your presentation which can somewhat undermine their belief in you. To circumvent such a problem, you may be better off if you fact up all assessments in the speech with clear facts.

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