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Our free best man speeches, and most good best man speeches, follow three simple rules:

First, keep it personal and about the couple, but do not reveal any inappropriate information about them; Second, keep it relaxed and, if possible, funny without being disrespectful or humiliating; Third, keep it brief — five to seven minutes should be enough for you to be able to say a lot without boring the guests.

Here is an outline that can serve as your guide when writing your best man's speech:

I. Introduce myself and how I know the couple.
II. Tell everyone something memorable about my friend.
III. Tell them what I know of how the couple met.
IV. Tell them why I think they are right for each other.
V. Wish the couple a happy life together.
VI. Thank the host(s) and toast the newlyweds.

Below is a free best man's speech to help get you started:

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It's a pleasure to be here among you, sharing this happy and memorable occasion with Ken and Leslie.

For those of you who don’t know me—my name is John, official best man and, I suppose, official best friend of the groom. I’m sure some of you are secretly wishing that I dish out some "dirt" on my buddy here—but he didn’t choose me as his best man for nothing. Unfortunately for you, I made sure not to drink too much before making this speech—I can always do that later.

I do have a few things to share about Ken though, hopefully for your entertainment.

I met him in judo class more than ten years ago. I was a beginner but Ken had been doing the sport for some time, and by then he was already pretty good at it. He was a favorite of our instructor and was often asked to demonstrate moves for the rest of the class. Even before our first conversation, this guy had already flipped and thrown me down—quite easily—over his shoulder. So you can see how, right from the start, we hit it off.

It's a good thing he didn't meet Leslie and "sweep her off her feet" the same way. They met each other in a much more painless manner: online networking. Who'd ever thought one can meet his future wife browsing through the profiles of dogs on a dog-lover's website? It's a virtual doggie park for singles, apparently. Of course, it did help that Leslie was right there in the picture with her pug, prompting my friend to post a nice comment about her dog.

And here we are, almost three years later, thanks to their pets Boogie and Tiny.

I know Ken very well and I can tell that he has reached the point of contentment. I'm convinced that he has met his match in Leslie. I've also gotten to know Leslie pretty well these past couple of years and seeing how amazing she is, I know that she must have had sort of the same effect on Ken the first time they met, like he did on me — inside, he must have felt like he was being flipped over, falling pretty hard.

So I consider us even. Thank you, Leslie.

I wish you both a good life together.

Cheers, everyone!


Change the names and situation in our free best man speech as needed to fit your circumstances.
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