Mother of the Bride Speech Tips

It's a special day!
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Your daughter is getting married! Get a Mother of the Bride Speech Book here. Below are some speech tips submitted by readers and other users.

  • "Sincerity is key to a mother of the bride speech; be brief, but try to touch the heart. Reference memories of the bride's childhood. Acknowledge the beautiful young woman she has become."

  • "The speech should be short and very gracious. Don't cry (too much) about losing a daughter. Wish the couple love, health and happiness, together. Thank the people for being a part of this wonderful moment."

  • While I think this tip is a bit harsh, here's what one person said (don't take it personally :-).
    1. "No one wants to hear baby stories about the bride. Especially not the bride.
    2. We love you, but everyone else wants to speak, too. Try to keep it short.
    3. He's your son in law now. Don't start that relationship off with criticism.
    4. Stories of how they met are fine.
    5. Stories of what you thought of the young man when first introduced to the future groom are great, especially if he has exceeded expectations."

  • "Be brief. The party starts when the speeches end, so be considerate of the guests and their time.

    "Avoid embarrassing anecdotes. A mildly funny story about how the bride used to dress up in white and plan her wedding when she was 6 is ok. An extended anecdote about how she stalked a boy in 10th grade is not.

    "Connect the happy couple to their heritage. An already meaningful moment can be made even more meaningful when you give your new son-in-law something than belonged to the bride's grandfather, or when you invoke a traditional blessing from one or another side of the family."

  • "I love the speeches that have jokes in them, about the bride moving out and getting a guest room now."

If you still don't know what to say after reading these mother of the bride speech tips, I recommend visiting Wedding Speech 4U and buying their instantly downloadable book for the mother of the bride. Very reasonably priced, this book contains 20 professionally written speeches (that you can use!), step-by-step instructions for writing your own speech, techniques to overcome anxiety, and much more. I highly recommend it.

Happy speaking!
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