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Is there anything more fun that selecting from funny speech topics? It can be if you are able to come up with a decent speech after selecting the right topic. But, is it really all that tough to do? Not really!

Well, "almost not really" would be a more accurate analysis. Humor in a speech topic is not always easy to come up with but the process does become a little easier when you stop to think about it. The truth of the matter is it is never all that difficult to come up with funny speech topics. All you need to do is a little research into what is actually popular as far as humorous speeches are concerned and then work from there. Just because a speech topic may weave a lot of humor into the mix does not mean there is a limited range of topics. The truth of the matter is there are scores of topics which fall under the range of humorous. You just have to look into what others have weaved into the funny speeches. They, you just have to take it from there and craft your own.

The categories of funny speeches are not limited. In other words, a humorous or comedic speech can follow the same general paradigm as a traditional speech. For example, it is possible and common to see humorous spins on the following genres of speeches

  • Informative
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Persuasive
  • Even educational speeches

Of course, the humor has to be appropriate for the event. Certain instances where you are required to deliver an informative or a persuasive speech would be better off without any humor added to the mix. In general, you will be surprised to find how many different types of speeches can be dramatically improved by weaving humor into them. It also may be surprising to discover how easy it is to weave humor into the mix and how effective such humor can be when done properly.

A "funny speech" or even a category of general speeches that can be made funny do not exactly pin down the common topics which can be employed for humor. For those that are curious if there are any humorous speech topics they can weave into their presentations, here is some news: the number of such topics can go in for infinity!

To narrow things down slightly, here are a few topics you can examine

  • How to pretend you are someone else when you answer the phone...and use proper phone etiquette
  • Dealing with people you really don't like
  • Getting a discount on all that car service you ignored until the big tune up became unavoidable
  • The right way to address someone with authority and avoid getting them irked at you
  • Living as cheap and frugally as possible while not letting to anyone you are tight with your money

Obviously, the random nature of these samples is intended to show all that there is really no limit to the different funny speech topics you can select from. Unless it would be really inappropriate and in bad taste, you can weave humor into pretty much any speech you wish.

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