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Wedding anniversary speeches can definitely be a joy to deliver. When a couple has been together for many years -10, 15, 20, 25, or more- there is much to celebrate. To truly honor the anniversary, a party can be held in honor of the couple. Such an event would not be complete without an effectively memorable speech or series of speeches.

Of course, that means someone must give the speech. For those selected to do so, having a background in speaking would be a great help. Since the vast majority of people do not have such a background, this creates somewhat of a quandary. If you do not have a formal background in the art and since of giving wedding anniversary speeches, how can you determine what is an effective speech? Honestly, it is not all that hard to craft a decent wedding anniversary speech. You just need to duplicate a few themes that are common among all good speeches and combine them with wedding themed components.

So, what should a wedding anniversary speech comprise of?

The speech does need to maintain a congratulatory tone. Without a doubt, this is the most important element that needs to be included in an anniversary speech. Really, if the speech does not congratulate the couple on their long union then it is really going to be missing something. This does need to need to be repeatedly congratulatory throughout the speech but you do need to make effective mention at the very beginning. This will set the tone for the (upbeat) remainder of the speech.

One common way to help delivery a speech at a wedding anniversary would be to tie it to a theme. The most common theme would be a "retro" look at the year in which the couple was married. Times and the culture do change as the years on the calendar pass by. A speech that mixes in reminisces about the time period in which the couple was married could prove to be a sentimental hit.

Weave a little humor in where appropriate. A wedding anniversary is a very special event and it is not a somber one. There is no reason to be overly serious in your speech. Instead, you should add a little levity to the proceedings as this will make the speech a lot better. Just don't go over the top with the humor because that might not be appropriate for the given situation.

Couples become married couples because they have a lot in common with one another. As such, they have many of the same interests. Discussing their common interests is a topic that is often overlooked with such speeches yet it could be a nice segue into other areas of the speech.

Likewise, any achievements that couple may have experienced such as success in business, community service awards, etc are overlooked. Discussing them in the speech further examines different facets of the married couple's life together.

Yes, there are scores of different directions to can take wedding anniversary speeches. Those that still may need a little help with getting the right speech might find to be an excellent resource for solid speeches on this very topic. Why not check it out?
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