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You could say there is a tremendous amount of leeway when it comes to selecting special occasion speech topics. The reason you have so much leeway in terms of the different topics you can come up with is obvious.

There are quite a number of special occasions in which you may be called in to give a speech. However, some might be more than a little nervous about giving a speech at a special occasion. The reason is that a special occasion is...special. The speech is intended to be positive and celebratory of the event. You certainly do not want to give a speech that undermines the true specialness of the event.

But, to be sincerely and seriously worries about giving the speech is not the right approach to take. Often, when you suffer from serious nervousness about presenting the speech, you end up suffering from paralysis by analysis. There is no reason to suffer from this. As long as you follow the basic and simple guidelines for making a solid speech, you will discover there is not all that much to be nervous about. In fact, giving such a speech can be a lot of fun and it could bring a host of personal rewards.

Of course, in order to head in the right direction right from the start, you will need to look over the special occasion you may be ask to speak about.

  • Weddings and their Anniversaries
  • Awards and Commendations
  • Retirements
  • Office and Work Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Any Other Well Known Event

Special occasion speech topics can in all varieties. For those wondering what some of the most common special occasions which requiring a speech include, here is a brief look

  • Commemorations of what a person may have achieved in the service of professional of volunteer duty

  • A speech delivered by the Father of the Bride at a wedding

  • On looking towards a recent High School graduate's future educational and professional endeavours

  • After dinner speeches tied into a special event to note the achievements of a guest of honor

  • Welcoming someone that has returned home after a lengthy absence

Once again, it becomes fairly obvious that the range of special occasion speech topics can be rather vast. This should come as no surprise since the sheer number of special occasions one can become involved with can vary tremendously. The main point to understand here is that no matter what the special occasion may be, you will want to follow the prime basic precepts of a solid speech. That is to say, you will want the speech to be well organized, thoughtful, logical, original, and, when appropriate, tinged with a sense of humor.

In other words, you will want the speeches you give at the special occasions to adhere to the principles of good speeches. This way, there are well received by the audience in the most impactful and effective manner possible.

This may not always be easy when you are new to the art of speechwriting. For those that would prefer to acquire a solid speech written for an important special occasion, OccasionalWord.com could prove to be an excellent resource. This is a provider of some truly amazing speeches which is why visiting the site is so strongly recommended.

Speeches & Toasts Delivered in Minutes

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