Traditional Wedding Speeches
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It is certainly true that traditional wedding speeches never go out of style. Then again, if they did fall by the wayside after a few years they would not be considered traditional speeches.

To be traditional, the speeches need to follow specific themes that are repeated year after year and are present at all manner of weddings. Traditional speeches at weddings are usually perennially popular because they do present certain themes and musings that are perfectly appropriate for the event.

There are those that might not like to use a traditionally themed speech because they think the speech needs to be new and original in order to be well received. They may be the case as long as the "finished product" is truly is good. Honestly, a novice writer might be able to craft a decent speech that deviates from traditional themes but the odds are against it.

Why is this so? Basically, traditional wedding themes become traditional due to the fact they have a certain appeal and flair to them. Selecting a theme from traditional wedding speeches may prove to be the best plan of action to take since there will be no question marks whether or not guests will likely appreciate the speech.

Ultimately, you will want a wedding speech that does adhere to common themes present at a wedding. Any speech that does not do this might not turn out as well as expected. Why allow that to happen at such a festive occasion as a wedding? Once again, you need to stick with those traditional wedding speeches known to get a positive reaction time and time again.

What would be among the common traditional wedding speeches that most generally admire so much?

Here is a brief list

The traditional speakers will be the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, father of the bride, and parents of the groom. It is rare that anyone on such a list will be omitted. It is not so rare that a special guest may be asked to appear and speak as well.

The traditional subjects of such speeches include

  • Musing over the bride and/or groom when they were younger. There is a nice sentimental appeal to speeches of this nature.

  • Mentioning how the bride and groom met and when the speaker was first introduced to them.

  • A humorous anecdote or funny tale about the bride or groom usually will go over quite well.

  • Words of wisdom can often make for excellent wedding speeches but such a speech need to avoid being paternalistic. As long as such words of wisdom are properly tempered then a speech of this nature will likely come off quite nicely.

  • Wishing the couple great success in the future. Yes, this is a very simple speech idea and one that can prove to be the most welcome.

You could say these are all solid traditional wedding speeches that are likely to go over quite well with the guests. Of course, coming up with the topics and themes and actually writing the speeches are two different things altogether. Really, you do not have to write the speeches if you have access to which may be the best resource for wedding speeches available.
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