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The subject of controversial speech topics is one that needs to be treaded on lightly.

Controversy can mean different things to different people. For some, controversy can be a good thing because it stimulates thought. A controversial and provocative topic does not automatically have to be a topic that offends anyone. Nor would it be a speech that presents itself in a manner that makes the audience feel uncomfortable. Often, it is a controversial topic that can prove to be the basis for the most memorable and informative speech an audience has heard.

Then, there is the other side of the coin: controversy does not translate into a positive reaction. Rather, the controversy is the source of a great deal of upheaval in the audience. In other words, the audience reacts very negatively to controversial speech topics because they are offensive. Needless to say, this is not the desired reaction you would want to get out of any audience unless your interests were solely to shock. Such a banal approach is hardly recommended and those wishing to be known as a provocative speaker would be much better served staying away from such a negative approach to giving speeches. It may seem easy to select controversial speech topics for their shock value if you wish to get yourself noticed. While it may be an easy way to get attention, the attention you acquire will not likely be what you are looking for. In short, you do not want to explore a negative reaction from the audience.

This is why controversial speech topics must be both selected appropriately and effectively in order to succeed with the actual speech. Again, there is a delicate line that should not be crossed. You may wish for controversy but you do not want to court banality or tastelessness. Unfortunately, many confuse controversy for shock and the two are far removed from one another....most of the time.

This leads us to define what exactly controversy is. The requisite definition is not exactly easy to arrive at because controversy can mean different things to different people. In general, it can be said that a controversial topic is one that approaches a subject from an angle that may not have previously been explored. The approach could also seek to present an alternate view point to the mix that departs from traditional modes of thought. In many ways, the controversy derives from the conversation arising in the aftermath of the speech. The speech itself does not rehash common expected theories which most are aware of or agree with. Instead, controversial speech topics will head down another road with the intention of raising eyebrows. This would be the nature of controversy at its core.

But do not seek to directly insult or offend members in the audience. Such an approach returns us to the concept of shock which should never be the approach of a serious or thinking speechwriter. Shock is really "hack work" which is never a proper substitute for effective controversy. It is vital that the distinction between the two is understood.

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