The Importance of Public Speaking

"Why should I speak?"
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The importance of public speaking, captured in a phrase: "A person is only as effective as his communication."

Why should you care about public speaking? After all, once you give the speech it's over and it'll be at least another year until you need to speak again, right?

Wrong. Public speaking isn't just a one-time speech, rather, it's the attitude that communication matters, and you're out to make your communication the best it can be. After all, "A person is only as effective as his communication."

So along those lines, we'll look at the importance of public speaking in One Year, One Month, and One Minute.

One Year

Here's where the Advantages of Public Speaking really start to shine through. Once you've studied public speaking for long enough, the principles of effective communication will become second nature to you. A deep understanding of effective communication is important in making effective business deals, using powerful persuasion, and smooth interpersonal interaction.

One Month

As you work to develop your public speaking skills, you will inevitably touch on a number of subjects related to your hobbies, career, or to your life itself. Public speaking matters month-to-month because preparing to communicate a subject is the best way to learn that subject. Month-to-month, learning public speaking is the best way to advance your career.

One Minute

And of course, public speaking is very important in the very minute you are giving your speeches. As you develop your skills, you'll be more effective at presenting each aspect of your speech. Each minute of speaking involves multiple moments of communication and connection - inflection, eye contact, movement, and other factors. Minute-by-minute, understanding and learning about public speaking is important to effectively using these brief (but tremendously important!) methods of communication.
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