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It's you're big day, and you'll be speaking! Buy Groom's Wedding Speeches or Bride's Wedding Speeches. Read on for bride and groom speech tips, submitted by users, readers, and other people who know.

  • "Bride or groom speeches should be planned into the reception ceremony, but should not be long and windy. If they do run a little long, guests should not be expected to hold up their drinks the entire time. Now, a nuptials speech should be personal, but not too personal. They should describe a moment in their relationship that best defines their love for each other. Speech should be honest, short, good natured, and memorized. Pick something you remember in case you get tripped up during the speech. Have fun with it. There won't be a final grade."

  • "When a bride or groom gives a speech, he or she may:
    • talk about how they met,
    • why she loves this man,
    • what made him better than all the others.

    "He or she should not say:
    • anything seriously bad about hubby,
    • joke about true failings,
    • make snide remarks or anything that implies divorce."

  • "The bride and groom should include "thank you's" in their speeches, i.e. parents friends, family etc.--anyone who has helped out with the wedding preparations. The bride and groom should acknowledge the person(s) that introduced them to each other. Finally, and most importantly, the bride and groom should acknowledge their love for each other as part of their speeches."

If you still don't know what to say after reading these speech tips, I recommend visiting either Groom's Wedding Speeches or Bride's Wedding Speeches and picking up one of their wonderful instantly-downloadable resources books. It comes with 20 professionally written speeches, a step-by-step guide to writing your own speech, techniques to overcome anxiety, and much more. All for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it.

Happy speaking!
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