Turn Off Those Cell Phones... if you know what's good for you.

by Melanie
(St. Louis, Mo, USA)

cell phone, picture by jorge vicente

One of my (female) colleagues, Lynn, was giving a talk to a room full of mostly male design professionals. Generally, everyone has the wherewithal to silence all cell phones and pagers in respect to the presenter.

Understand, Lynn is a great speaker and always talks to a packed house.

During this particular presentation, a cell phone rang. Well, not only did it ring, but the guy picked answered it!

As if that wasn't bad enough, he was sitting in the front row.

A couple of people cleared their throats at him.
The speaker threw him a couple of incredulous looks... then some inquiring looks...

But, he just kept talking.

He was talking so loudly that it was evident he was speaking to his wife.

So, the speaker, pro that she is... leaned over at the edge of the stage and said quite clearly...
'get off the phone and come back to bed.'

He looked horrified and bolted from the room, desperate to explain himself to his offended wife!

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