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Funny Public Speaking Stories

Speeches don't need jokes to be funny.

Funny public speaking stories can come from anywhere. After all, speeches lend themselves to humor - humor that is best when it's not expected or intended! Share your funny public speaking stories below, or read and comment on stories others have shared. Here's one story about a wedding speech:

"First wedding ceremony I ever performed as a newly ordained minister. I was filling in for a minister that had an emergency out of town. He neglected to tell me that the two people getting married were planning on dressing up in clown noses, wigs and oversized glasses. When I arrived at the community center, at first I thought I was in the wrong place. I apologized for interrupting a small group's party to ask if they knew where there might be a wedding ceremony that was to take place. They handed me a clown nose and took me to the front makeshift pulpit. You can well imagine my surprise as I stood before a group of 50 people sporting clown noses, as the bride walked down the isle in the most beautiful wedding gown I had ever seen, in clown shoes! The couple is still happily married and threatens to blackmail me with the picture they took of me in the clown nose if I don’t give them each a hug."

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