Who kissed her? Reality isn't always as it seems in this joke for public speaking.

by Madhu

Reality Train, Photo by Philip MacKenzie

The joke I am going to tell you can be used to explain different views on the same subject. It is your perspective that makes a thing look different to you. The joke can be used as a great analogy for your speech.

Here it is:

Four people are traveling in a train. A young and beautiful girl, an old matron, and two young boys (who don't much like each other). The train enters a long, lightless tunnel. In the total darkness comes the sound of a kiss quickly followed by a tight slap.

Coming into the light, they look around. One of the boys is sitting bent over on the bench, holding his face.

The slapped boy is thinking, "Ouch, that smarts. The girl next to me must have missed the other guy and hit me instead."

The beautiful young girl is thinking, "Why would he chose to kiss this old matron and not me? And she should be happy that someone tried to kiss her. Why did she slap him?"

At the same time, the matron is thinking, "This girl is stupid, she does not realize that once she reaches my age, no one is going to kiss her. She should have enjoyed the kiss."

The other boy is sitting on the bench looking smug. He's thinking, "I hope there's another tunnel. Then I can kiss my wrist and slap that guy again."

Reality is not always as we think it is. This joke is the perfect segue into any speech topic where you need to dispel some misconceptions or explain divergent points of view.

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Who kissed her? Reality isn't always as it seems in this joke for public speaking.

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How true
by: Anonymous

Yes, I agree that so many times we are thinking and looking at a thing from our own perspective and we miss the real issue. If we all learn to see a thing from all angles, we will be saved from unnecessary heartaches and headaches.

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