Persuasive Speech Topics

Controversial Topics Great for Persuasive Speeches

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Good persuasive speech topics are often oncerned with issues that people disagree about. We'll focus on those issues here.

  • The Death Sentence. Overused, but still brings up good questions. Does society ever have a right to kill another person? If they do, is the current system effective?
  • Gun control. Should people be allowed to own firearms? Do firearms promote safety or increase crime?
  • Global warming. Is it human-caused? If so, what should we do about it?
  • Animal rights. How far should animal rights go? Is it ok to eat meat? What about wear leather and fur? Trophy hunting?
  • Illegal immigration. How strict should immigration laws be? What about illegals who are already in the country?
  • Right to privacy. Does the government ever have a right to monitor people? Who should have access to your information? When? Why?
  • Individual rights vs. safety and security. Should freedom of speech ever be suppressed? Habeus corpus suspended?
  • Genetic modification. Is it right for people to tamper with life? What if it leads to increased societal welfare?
  • Consequences of technology. Does technology enhance community or isolate us from the real world?
  • Religious expression. What is the difference between religous expression and enforcing particular viewpoints? Are governments based on religion every ok? When?

If you use these persuasive speaking topics, consider taking a survey before and after you speak. See how many people you persuade!

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Happy speaking!

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