Impromptu Speech Topics

Impromptu speech topics you can use for any surprise occasion.

What can you speak on when you haven't prepared anything to speak? Use these impromptu speech topics to pre-prepare for impromptu speeches, or for speech topic ideas for competitions.

  • Quotations. Know any good quotations off the top of your head? Base your speech around the quote. You'll look smart and insightful, despite speaking off-the-cuff.
  • Jokes. Jokes can work the same way quotes do, and they're a great way to start a speech. After the laughter fades, you can use the joke as the topic of your impromptu speech. One technique I've found especially effective: first tell a joke, wait for the laughter to die down - then speak to why it shouldn't be funny (jokes about death, for example). I'll lighten up a bit and then close with a joke of the same type. End your speech with a bang by pointing out how everybody still laughed.
  • Current events. Depending on what type of group you are talking to, current events can make good speech topics. Be certain everyone is interested, then choose something slightly controversial in order to keep their attention.
  • Hobbies. What do you do with your spare time? Talk about it. Why does it matter? How can your audience get involved? Convey your interest and your audience will follow.
  • Sales. Convince your audience to buy the shirt off your back (or any other convenient item you have on you).
  • Motivation. People like to feel good. Tell them how they can.
  • Abstract nouns. Almost any abstract noun can be an impromptu speaking topic. Take "love," for example. You could tell a funny story about an awkward date, then talk about what love really means. End with how more love could change a specific situation that your audience would be concerned about.
  • Language. One way to look smart is to talk about other languages. If you know another language, use some basic phrases as the basis for your speech.
  • Random association. Begin with, "You might not think __________ and ___________ are related. But I assure you, they are." Fill in the blanks with two random items, then make up their relationship as you go along. Choose the right items and this can make for a very fun and entertaining speech.
  • "How to give a good speech." Walk your audience through topics, structure, and body language. Through in some humor as you go.

While impromptu speeches are on-the-spot by definition, you can use these impromptu speech topics to get your mind working so that you're not totally unprepared when the time comes.

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