How to Reduce Hand Trembling

by Shirley

Steady Hand by Dani Toth

Q.How can I help to reduce hand trembling when I am nervous?

Hands shaking can put people off your speech - it gives the impression that you are a novice at speaking and, rightly or wrongly, that you therefore are a novice at the subject matter. It can also be distracting to the audience.

Do you have any suggestions for relaxing and reducing hand trembling, or at least to disguise it?

A. Some people stutter. Some speak quickly. Some tremble. No matter how your nervousness comes across, one of the best things about public speaking is that you can work to minimize your anxiety!

So first off, I wouldn't focus too much on the symptom - in this case, shaking hands. Instead, I'd learn some relaxation techniques and work to overcome the anxiety. You can read more about that, and find some good exercises to help overcome nervousness, at Fearless Speaking on this website.

In the speech itself, there are a couple of things that you can do to disguise trembling hands. Rest them on the podium, if you have one. Once you are into the speech, you'll naturally lift them off when you are ready. Maybe put one hand in a pocket (but not both!). You can communicate confidence while only worrying about one hand.

These are just temporary fixes, however. The only final solution is to build confidence. Practice, practice, practice... speak.

What do you do when you're shaking before or during a speech? Help out by telling us in the comments below.

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