Fun Speech Topics

Why give a boring speech when you could give a fun one?

Who wants to listen to a boring speech? Not me! Use these fun speech topics to give a lively, entertaining speech.

  • Things to do on a date. No matter who your audience is, this can make a fun topic that everybody is interested in.
  • Crazy stories. Can you believe that actually happened?! If you have an incredible story, share it.
  • How to tell a joke. If you're good at making people laugh with your jokes, this could be the way to go.
  • "Believe it or not." There's a good reason a whole television series is based around this phrase. It's fun, and it's interesting.
  • Magic tricks. Don't reveal any big secrets, but everyone wants to know good ways to fool a friend.
  • Pranks. What are the best harmless pranks you know?
  • Personality tests. What does your handwriting say about you? Everyone's always just a little bit afraid that these thing might just be true...
  • Murphy's law. Be careful, because everything that can go wrong with this speech will go wrong, and in the worst way possible.
  • 10 fun things to do in _________. WalMart, the office, class... be certain these things won't cause any real harm.
  • How to give a funny speech. Nice and ironic.

"Just say no" to boring speeches. Happy speaking!

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