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Researching For Speeches

In One Month, One Week, or One Hour

Where do you go when you don't know enough? The Internet, the library, your phone? Research requires both knowledge of resources and awareness of time – find out how efficiently using the right resources for your time frame will magnify your ideas and multiply your content with Researching For Speeches in One Month, One Week, or One Hour.

Researching for Speeches in One Month

Are you touching up information you already know or preparing to speak on a wholly new subject? Either way, a month to research for your speech gives you the time to find the best information from the greatest sources. Make some friends along the way, because the greatest researching resource is...

  • People! For knowledge and experience, nothing beats a flesh-and-blood human being. If you're researching for a speech on a new technology, no Internet site will beat the understanding of the inventors. If you're speaking about aviation, you won't get the most interesting perspective from a website, you'll get it from another pilot! Pull out the phone, conquer the fear (Fearless Speaking techniques work) and talk to the experts! Most people, from the least known to the most famous, will be glad to help – just be sure you have your questions beforehand.

  • Unrelated experts. You've got the time to play around with your speech research – so do it! Often, the most interesting and useful ideas don't come from the people who know everything, they come from the people who don't. Einstein thought up relativity while working in a patent office! So think of the people you most respect but who know nothing about your subject, and call them. Get their opinions and ideas, no matter how much they resist. Who wouldn't want to know what Grandpa thinks of Facebook?!

  • Books. Long? Boring? Yes, so suck it up! Formerly oft-referenced tombs of knowledge are slowly being overshadowed by the Internet. Because they're overlooked, they'll give you an edge and depth of knowledge that will set you apart from the crowd.

  • The Internet. It's a great resource – if it's used right. How many times have you found irrelevant sites? For general background knowledge, nothing beats Wikipedia and a Google search. For specific knowledge and analysis, be discriminating. Read the best.

Researching for Speeches in One Week

  • People. Still the best resource around, don't go looking for World War II stories online when you could visit your father or grandfather.

  • Text books. For great condensed information, visit your local college. Talk to the professors, visit the library, borrow a couple books for the week.

  • The Internet. Google is king. Wikipedia is queen. Check out the Wikipedia related links, base Google searches off the Wikipedia articles. Don't waste your time on drivel; find the best.

Researching for Speeches in One Hour

What would you do if you only had an hour to find the most important, useful information? Yep...

  • Talk to people! First, write down the questions you want to ask them. Don't waste their time, or yours. Then get on the phone and find what you need! It might be hard the first time, but after five minutes you'll be speaking smoothly and enjoying the conversation. Now pull out that phone and make the call!

  • The Internet. Need I have even said it? Only go online for speech research once your other resources are exhausted. It's too easy to waste time online. Make a list of questions, open the browser, and don't get distracted. But do follow new and unexpected ideas! Watch the clock, learn to speed read, and research with discipline.

With people and the Internet, you'll be an expert in an hour. (Just don't try to pass as one ;-).

Happy speaking!

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