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Self Evaluation to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

¬ďA man,who realizes the potential of his mind by means of introspection and contemplation, he does not lack self-confidence. He has control over his mind and he is able to realize it's full potential." - Sam-Veda

Self-evaluation: understanding your fear means that you overcome it. Use the questions below to evaluation why you fear public speaking and how that fear manifests itself. When I do these evaluations myself, I write it out using pencil and paper. These evaluations take some time, but in the end are well worth it and will help someone understand and overcome fear.

Manifestation Questions.

  • When I find out I need to speak, I feel ____________.
  • When I am preparing a speech, I feel ____________.
  • The day I need to speak, I feel ____________.
  • The minute before I need to speak, I feel ____________.
  • While I am speaking, I feel ____________.
    • While I speak, my mouth feels ____________.
    • While I speak, my hands ____________.
    • While I speak, my feet ____________.
    • While I speak, my stomach ____________.
  • After I am done speaking, I feel ____________.
  • While I am preparing my speech, I think others will think ____________.
  • The minute before I need to give my speech, I believe others will think ____________.
  • While I give my speech, I believe others think ____________.
  • After I give my speech, I believe others think ____________.

Important! Complete the questions above before moving on and reading the next set of questions.

Source Questions.

  • First, examine your answers to the questions above. What do they tell you? Are you afraid of what your body is doing? Do you have poor body image? Or are you afraid of what others are thinking?
  • Have you every had bad experiences with public speaking? What are they? What happened? Be specific. What did you feel and think? What do you believe other people felt and thought?
  • Have any of your close friends, currently or in the past, feared public speaking?
  • Does anyone in your family fear public speaking?

Restorative Questions.
  • Whose public speaking skill do you admire?
  • Whose confidence do you admire?
  • How do you imagine they got to the point where they are now?
  • What can you do to become like them?
  • What goals do you have in relation to public speaking?
  • What effect do you want to have on your audiences?
  • What do you want people to think about you?
  • How can you get there?
  • Take the time to answer these questions in-depth. Then examine them. What do they tell you? When everything is down on paper, do you notice any patterns that you didn't before? I did, particularly in the physical manifestations section. In the restorative section, what resources do you have to achieve your goals? In the source section, are there things that influence your fear? Can you change them, or fight them? Knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is the most potent kind

    Happy speaking!

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