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School Speech Topics

Speech topics you can use for school.

frog reading

School speech topics can be hard to come up with. After all, they need to be appealing to students yet also engaging for the teacher (who, after all, controls the grade). The topic must be appropriate and easy to give a good speech on. Here's a few speech topics for school.

  • Standardized testing. What does it measure? Is it good or bad? What are alternatives?
  • How to cheat and not get caught. Just kidding on this one. Make it the title of an anti-cheating speech and you'll catch some ears.
  • History of the school. How did it get it's name? How long has the building been around? What neat things have happened there?
  • Best campus food (or dining hall tricks, or cafeteria lines... anything food-related). Both teachers and students need to eat.
  • Ways to save money while in school. Teacher's salaries aren't spectacular. Neither are student's.
  • Time management. Both teachers and students carry a load. Explore how to balance it more effectively.
  • The value of education. Just don't brown-nose too much.
  • The place of technology in education. How do computers help and hinder education? Cell phones? Ipods? What potential have we not yet tapped?
  • Staying fit at school. School involves a lot of sitting and sedentary activity. What can you do to stay physically fit?
  • Practical applications of school subjects. Sometimes the things learned in school can seem somewhat... useless. Why do they matter? How can you use them?

These school speech topics should help you build a speech that matters to both teachers and students. Mix in some humor, get excited, and speak well!

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