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Persuasive Speech Ideas

10 Questions to Ponder

Here's some things to think about when you need persuasive speech ideas.

  • What are you passionate about? Persuade other people to be passionate, too.
  • What would make the world a better place? Persuade people to do it.
  • What do you love? If you love it, isn't it good for other people, too? Persuade people to love it.
  • What annoys you the most? Wouldn't it be great if people would stop? Convince them that they should.
  • What do you get angry about? If they do it and you get angry about it, convince them to appease you.
  • What habits make people better? If it could make someone a better person, convince them to do it. Be sure to set the example.
  • What makes an ideal person? Convince someone to be your ideal person. This type of speech is especially useful if you're looking for a significant other ;-).
  • What makes people exciting? Persuade people to break out of their shells and not just think, but live outside the box.
  • What qualities in a person do you most admire? Similar to the ideal person, convince people to act so that you can admire them. Again, set the example.
  • If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? This question is at the heart of persuasive speaking. Answer this question, give your speech, change the world.

Answering these 10 questions should leave you with a number of persuasive speech ideas. Use them wisely, for persuasion is a powerful tool!

Need more ideas? Then I have a deal for you! My friend Jim, another professional speaker, has put together a book with more than 2000 persuasive speech topics with thesis statements included. That's not all - it comes with two more books: How to Research Persuasive Speech Topics and How to Outline Persuasive Speeches. And he's offering still more! You'll get 12 research checklists and 6 outline templates - all this for less than $10! Check out the site. He delivers quality.

Happy speaking!

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