Obama's Speeches Have No Real Substance

by Candace
(Land O Lakes, fl)

Barack Obama uses a lot of rhetoric without saying anything of substance.


His speeches make people feel good but they don't give any specifics about what his policies are, other than "change." What changes will he make, exactly? His associates, those people who have been influential in his life, are now getting thrown under the bus because of their radical ideals. These are the same ideals he supported until he began running for president.

He seems to have great writers who write for him, the things people want to hear but he seems to repeat the same things over and over again without really saying anything at all. When speaking "off the cuff" or asked to answer questions he loses the "polish" and can't put together a single sentence without stumbling over himself. He stammers and stutters, and can't put together a single sentence without saying "uh", "mmm", "well, uh".

The liberals have talked badly about George Bush and his inability to speak well.... I'd listen to Pres. Bush for hours on end before I'd listen to Obama for an hour.

Further, he makes statements and then later "regrets" what he said or "regrets" what he did and attributes it to being "in the moment". Well, what happens if he's elected president? How many times will we hear, "I regret saying that?" "Or I regret that decision?" "I was just caught up in the moment."

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