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Q: I have a 30 minute speech that has to be given next week on the sensory system.... (Body System) how do I memorize the criteria?

A: One of the first keys to memorization is not to try for word for word perfection. Read the speech through several times so you thoroughly know the material. Then, review the main points, filling in the rest by memory. Now the only thing left to do is repeat, repeat, and repeat. Happy speaking!

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Apr 29, 2009
by: Michael Ostrovski

There's a memory technique called the Loci where you visually associate your first point to let's say the front door of your house and then the second point to the entryway, etc. and you continue throughout the house. Roman orators would deliver hours of "extemporaneous" rhetoric using this technique. For more info try searching Loci system in your favorite search engine. Michael

REPLY Thanks for the comment. Great idea!

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