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Good Informative Speech Topics

Topics you can use.

Good informative speech topics have one of two components. They're either useful or interesting. The topics below run the gamut.

  • How _________ Works. Replace the blank with anything you're interested in.
  • How to _________. Insert something you can teach people to do. How to play a game, build a cabinet, build a website... anything will do. Practical and entertaining is best.
  • Lifestyles. "How You Can Live Like the Rich and Famous" makes a great informative speech. You can have some fun with the stereotypes, too.
  • Geography. Talk about a place you know, preferably an exotic one. National Geographic magazine built a business around this one.
  • Bargain hunting. Everyone likes to save some money.
  • Internet shopping. Bargains + variety + convenience makes for a perfect speech topic.
  • Finances. Staying out of debt, investing wisely, getting rich... people will listen if you talk about money.
  • Self-reliance. It probably won't happen, but what if you have to be entirely self-sufficient? What if you're stranded on a deserted island? How do you survive in the wilderness? Fun to information to think about and listen to, and possibly even useful (though we hope not).
  • Home repair. Are you handy around the house? Lots of other people wish they were. Show them how.
  • Photography. Most people have an inner artist. Help them let it out.

You'll find other good informative speech topics all around - what do you like to do? Speak about it!

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