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Argumentative Speech Topics

Slightly Controversial Public Speaking Topics

Argumentative speech topics are good fodder for speeches, debates, and discussions. All of these are slightly controversial, so don't get offended, just learn and have fun!

  • Politics. There's a reason you don't talk about politics over dinner. Pick a controversial political issue and you'll have your speech in the bag. But if you don't care about politics, consider...
  • Media regulation. Should the media be regulated? How far should free speech go?
  • Energy systems. What is the best way to produce electricity? What are the implications of each different infrastructural system? Is nuclear power better than coal?
  • Environment. How far should one go to protect the environment? Are people every hypocritical in their environmental convictions?
  • Economic systems. Capitalism seems to work well, but has it's flaws. And China is rising, but becoming more capitalist as it does so. Which economic system is best?
  • Privacy. How far should the right to privacy extend? Is it ok for the government to have cameras in all public places? What about in our homes?
  • Medical systems. Is a government-controlled or private practice medical system better?
  • Forms of government. Is a presidential or parlimentary system best? Common law or constitution? Is dictatorship ever justified?
  • Vigilantism. If the government doesn't enforce the law, should the people take it into their own hands?
  • Right to vote. Who should have the right to vote? What about convicted criminals? Should there be a voting heirarchy?

Good argumentative speech topics aren't one sided; none of these topics are one-sided, either, so be certain to do your research!

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