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a friend in need in a friend in deed

by Anushree.S

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This is a proverb that tells about how a true friend helps another when in need.

This is the story of the bear and the two friends. Once upon a time, there were two friends. One day, they went through the forest. A bear came and one friend climbed the tree, leaving his friend in a lurch. The one who could not climb the tree pretended he was dead. The bear just smelled him and went away. The friend who climbed the tree asked his friend what the bear told him. All the bear had done was smell him, but he told his friend that the bear said not to keep being friends with a man that would leave his friend behind to save himself. A man like that is not a true friend.

At another time, a poor student was not able to pay his previous year's examination fees. His friend offered him some money so he could pay the fees. He is the true friend.

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