Unique Speech Topics

by Renee
(MI, US)

Unique Speech Topics, Photo by Gennius Sabat

  • Bigfoot Corpse Hoax - Two Georgia hunters recently admitted the Big Foot corpse they found earlier was a frozen rubber costume. The topic lends itself to a humorous speech topic, "How to Pull Off A Mass-Scale Hoax." It could also be a persuasive speech about "The Hidden Costs of a Hoax" or the ethical implications of large and successful hoax.

  • Vaccines - This is a controversial topic among parents, especially as it relates to the HPV vaccine and the possible link between childhood vaccines and Autism. This topic would make an interesting persuasive speech.

  • MySpace - Social networking sites are popular, but dangerous. That is why it is always a good idea to know how to hide your personal information. This topic is ideal for a demonstration speech.

  • Catastrophic Weather Events - From Katrina to Greensburg, Americans have experienced many weather related emergencies. A demonstration speech about how to prepare for a weather emergency would be helpful.

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