Public Speaking Techniques

Use these techniques to spice up your speech and drive your point home.

Public speaking is more than just the basics and fundamentals. Utilizing a number of public speaking techniques can help you spice up your speech and drive home your point. Some of these techniques are:

  • Humor. A bit of humor helps grab and keep attention, develop interest, and create rapport. Don't go overboard, be certain to maintain your credibility... then make them laugh. Ask people for their favorite jokes, then find a way to incorporate a few into your speech.
  • Gestures. Don't speak with your hands behind your back. Depending on the size of your audience, you'll want to gesture at either your waist, abdomen, or chest level (the bigger the audience, the higher the gestures). Again, don't overdo it, but do use your arms and hands to add emphasis and weight to your words.
  • Repeated phrases. During World War II, Winston Churchill gave a speech entitled "We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches." One of his most famous speeches, he said the phrase "We shall fight them" more than six times in succession. The House of Commons remembered these words, and fight they did.
  • Metaphors, similies, and analogies. "Your life is like a road trip. Here's how." Similes spice up a speech, along with aiding comprehension and memorability. Metaphors and analogies do the same thing. Use liberally.

Use these public speaking techniques to give life and vitality to your speeches.

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