My question is...

by Edd
(New York City)

Q: When I go up to do a speech, I play it safe and show no emotion. How can I overcome this?

A: Interesting question Edd! By its very definition, a speech opens you up to judgment, whether good or bad. By showing no emotion you immediately have one strike against you. A vital component of a speech is your body language. The first engagement with your audience is not your words, but your expression and the way you carry yourself. By showing no emotion, you are transmitting to your audience a lack of interest in your topic. With this the case, how can you expect your audience to engage when you don't? Show the audience how you feel! If your topic is a serious one, appear so yourself. Humor? Appear as if you are enjoying a private joke that just maybe, you will share. Motivation? A little enthusiasm goes a long way. Take that chance Edd, let you face speak before you even open your mouth!

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