Interesting Speech Topics

The secret to not giving boring speeches!

Interesting speech topics depend on two things: the interest of your audience, and their appeal to you. So figure out what your audience wants. Pick topics that you think are intriguing. Combine the two and you will have a great speech.

  • The secret to _______. Getting rich. Finding a boyfriend. Staying fit. Getting an A. Combine the word 'secret' with anything that your audience might want and you've got an interesting speech.
  • Shortcuts to _______. The word 'shortcuts' works similarly to 'secret.' Show people how to do things easily and quickly.
  • How to _______. Fill in the blank with something either practical or out-of-this-world. Both will make for an interesting speech topic.
  • Technology. Don't get to technical, but most audiences relate to technology in some way or another. Tell them about the new and greatest thing - or if your audience isn't that type, instead speak to how technology is isolating and anti-community. Whatever your viewpoint, it can make a good speech.
  • Art analysis. People like to feel cultured. Talk about art and they'll listen.
  • Music. If you can play samples during your speech, you can both illustrate your points and keep your audience's attention.
  • Health. Eating right, building muscle, increasing energy... Most people are interested in how to feel and look better. But be sensitive to your audience.
  • Family. Depending on your audience, this could be a home run or a strike out. Family history is interesting if you have good stories. Watch out for the family feuds.
  • Pyrotechnics. Even if they feign noninterest, most people like seeing (and talking about) things blowing up.

If you're still at a loss for interesting topics, think about what you do in your spare time. If those things don't interest you, go get some hobbies and talk to me later ;-).

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