Graduation Speeches

Free outlines to help you write an engaging, meaningful speech.

You're done! Only one hurdle remains: graduation speeches. Here are two outlines of free graduation speeches (Submitted anonymously - thanks for your help!) Simply fill in the outline with your own words to have a free, easy, and effective speech.

Three Simple Rules
I. Introduction: There are three rules to live by as we begin the rest of our lives...
A. There's a Saying: Dance like nobody's watching, love like you've never been hurt, live like there's no tomorrow...
B. These words might sound like they're taken from a country song's lyrics, but that's probably because they're universally true...
II. Body
A. Story : examples from people you've known who exemplify these rules.
B. Lesson : how these rules change your life.
III. Conclusion: No Regrets
A. If you follow these three rules only, you'll live a life without regrets.
B. Wishing the graduates and their families this kind of life.

Experiences - The Past, Present, and Future of Who We Are
I. Introduction
A. Who am I and why I am standing before you.
B. Why we are here: 'We are here to celebrate our past and our present, and to look to the future.'
II. Body
A. How we have come from many backgrounds, how our shared experience has improved each of us, and what impact this, and we, will have on the future no matter where we go after graduation.
B. Shared experiences that have helped us to grow.
?1. How these experiences have enhanced our individual lives.
?2. How these experiences have shaped and molded us in mind, body, and spirit to meet the challenges the future may bring.
III. Conclusion
A. Our experiences together have made each of us stronger as individuals.
B. This is why it is important to thank ____________, ____________, ___________ who have taught us and supported us in this period of our growth.

Fill out these outlines with your own words to make a special, meaningful, and personalized speech.

If you still don't know exactly what to say, check out Occasional Words. Scroll down and click on Graduation Speeches.

Happy speaking!

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