Good Speech Topics

What should you consider when you choose your speech topic?

"Good speech topics" is a fairly broad term. Here we'll look at 5 things that make a good topic.

A good topic will:

  • Appeal to the audience. This is consideration number one. Don't give a speech on romance writing to a group of motorbikers.
  • Be interesting for the speaker. If you don't enjoy giving your speech, it will show.
  • Be memorable. If either your topic or your method of presentation is too boring, your audience won't remember your speech and you'll have given it for nothing.
  • Be timely. Somehow, your topic should apply to the world today. Giving a speech on how the world is round may have once been revolutionary, but now is a bit out of date.
  • Be related to the venue. Take into account where and to whom you are speaking. Make your topic relevant.

Consider each of these criterion and you will find plenty of good speaking topics to fill your time!

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