Free Persuasive Speech Topics

No money? No problem.

Sales speeches are non-free persuasive speech topics. Here are some free persuasive speech topics that won't cost a thing for people to do. You can persuade people to:

  • Start a blog. Plenty of websites offer free blogging. Convince your audience that they should make themselves heard.
  • Help a neighbor. It might take a bit of time, but helping out someone in need doesn't have to cost any money at all.
  • Smile. Persuade people to smile. It's a free expression that will brighten their day, and other's as well.
  • Look up at the sky. Walk down the street and notice how many people are looking down at their feet. Persuade them to look up - it's a feeling we don't experience often enough.
  • Show gratitude. A word of thanks doesn't cost a thing.
  • Take responsibility. Persuade people to not ignore things that need done, thinking that those things are someone else's problem. Convince people to pick up the trash, correct the injustice, right the wrong.
  • Learn something new. With the internet and other resources, it's easy to learn something new every day. Persuade people that they should make the effort.
  • Write a nice letter. Persuade people to let others know how much they mean to them. An email doesn't cost a thing; a physical letter not much more.
  • Watch less TV. Depending on what people do with their extra time, this one could even make them some money.
  • Read more books. The internet encourage skim-reading and shallow articles. Encourage people to read more books for a different, exciting, mind-expanding experience.

None of these free persuasive speech topics will cost your audience a thing, but each of them will improve their lives.

Need more topics? Then I have a deal for you! My friend Jim, another professional speaker, has put together a book with more than 2000 persuasive speech topics with thesis statements included. That's not all - it comes with two more books: How to Research Persuasive Speech Topics and How to Outline Persuasive Speeches. And he's offering still more! You'll get 12 research checklists and 6 outline templates - all this for less than $10! Check out the site. He delivers quality.

Happy speaking!

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