What if You Could Eat Away Fear?

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You probably know what it's like to stand before an audience sweating, shaking, and utterly unsure about what to do with yourself. When it comes to giving speeches, it's been said that some people fear public speaking more than death itself!

Luckily, confidence doesn't just come from within. I learned that how we feel is affected by a variety of factors when a musician friend recommended that I eat a couple specific things about four hours before a big performance. I did, and when the time to perform came, the edge of my anxiety was gone! Just like anything else, what we eat affects how we feel. What we eat can even affect our level of confidence.

Now, we can't overestimate the power of food. "Magical cure-all's" don't exist. But combined with other powerful habits, some foods can give a person a head start on the path from nervousness and insecurity to assertion and confidence.

Where does this information come from? By scouring everything from popular newspapers such as the New York Times to scientific journals such as the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, I hunted down research on food and the way we feel. It all made sense, too - if some things we eat make us feel bad (we've all had that experience!), why shouldn't other things make us feel good? As I found new tricks, I'd try them out. If they helped, they went into my performance arsenal.

Now I want to offer them to you. I've used these techniques to reduce stage fright in musical performance, calm nerves for public speaking, and stay focused for interviews. I suspect they'd even work before going on a hot date (*wink).

You can learn how to Eat Away Fear for only $25, 50 pages of research and recipes for less than the pair of shoes you'll use to walk to your next speaking engagement.

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Plus, when you buy now, I'll throw in a special public speaking classic - Cicero's History of Famous Orators and The Orator, all packaged for electronic or print reading! (Don't worry, it's the English translation).

Happy - and fearless - speaking!

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