Demonstrative Speeches - Pianos and Soccer

Piano Demonstrative Speech by Super_eGo

Q. I was going to do a speech on playing the piano, but I can't talk and play a song at once. I was also thinking of doing something soccer related, but I am not sure what I could do with that topic. I am open to any other ideas as well. Thanks!

A. Sounds like you've already got some great ideas going!

First, what is a demonstrative speech? Simply, it is one in which you demonstrate whatever it is you are talking about.

Second, what makes a demonstrative speech good? It must be something that the audience finds interesting (and perhaps useful), and one that benefits from demonstration - if you just show something for the sake of making it a demonstrative speech, then you don't accomplish anything. But if your demonstration adds to your presentation, then you have a speech to be proud of.

Let's first look at your piano idea. How could you give a demonstrative speech without playing and talking at the same time?

One idea could be to explain a piano. Explain how it generates sound, and what different techniques do to generate different sounds - show how dynamics come from hammer speed, texture from key and pedal handling. Then, as a conclusion, you could demonstrate how everything comes together by playing a short piece.

Soccer might be a bit harder depending on your venue. A classroom might not be the ideal place to kick a ball around. But similar to the piano topic, you could consider demonstrating basic ball handling, then, if you have room and plenty of soccer balls, letting everyone try it out!

In short, a demonstrative speech gives you a lot of room to have fun - so don't second guess yourself, just have some fun!

Happy speaking.

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