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Speech-Time Exclusive --, Pick up some public speaking social skills!
December 18, 2008

Anytime is Speech-Time

Welcome to Speech-Time exclusive. Building public speaking skills is more than a one-time thing, and that's why we're writing this e-zine! Every other week, we'll give you the opportunity to take your public speaking to the next level.


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This week, we'll be talking about...

The Way to Fluency

Table of Contents

1. The journey to fluency, your contributions, buying speeches.

2. "Quotes To Speak By"

3. Practice is the way.

4. One last thing.

The Way to Fluency

Welcome to our newsletter on the wonderful world of the spoken word. I would like to personally welcome all new subscribers, and thank those who have recommended our site. As always, we welcome your questions, suggestions, and contributions. Our aim is to help newcomers to public speaking, and aid old timers polish their skills. Hopefully whatever your status, you will find useful tips, suggestions, and ideas in our words. But before we begin...

Your contributions.

I'd like to remind you that you can contribute content to the site in a number of ways and on a variety of topics. If you have something to share about public speaking, href="/public-speaking-stories.html">share it!

Professional Speeches You Can Buy

While is all about writing speeches, we know that sometimes everyone gets short on time - at least, I do! So I reviewed a couple of websites where you can buy professionally-written speeches for those times when you just can't get your ready. Check them out at What to Do When You Need A Speech FAST.

2. "Quotes To Speak By"

The oft quoted words of Ralph Waldo Emerson exemplify this week's topic.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved."

The way to overcome any obstacle is perseverance. Repetition is not only necessary, but vital.

3. The Journey to Fluency.

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so does the path to successful public speaking begin with a single word, and that word is not uh, um, or any other such sound. These sounds are not as much a speech impediment as a habit, and the only way to conquer a bad habit is to replace it with a good one, and the only way to do that is practice, repetition, and more practice.

There are many tricks to aid in fluent speaking, from marbles in the mouth to holding a pencil between your teeth as you speak, or repeating a well known speech over and over again until perfect. I find solitude most helpful in practicing delivery. A mirror helps polish your bearing and inanimate objects make great listeners. A guest to our high school's debate room commented to me that the first time he visited, my son appeared to be holding a lively argument with a bookshelf!

In short, no tricks or anything else replaces repetition. As you practice, fluency becomes second nature and hesitancy disappears.

Happy speaking!

4. One Last Thing.

As Christmas rapidly approaches, my wish is that we can all find time to slow down, to reflect on what brings meaning to our lives. Whether we spend the time with our loved ones, give service to those less blessed, or simply find peace in solitary reflection, may we remember the birth of our Savior from whom all blessings flow, remember that regardless of faith, station in life or color of skin, we are all brothers and sisters. We are not meant to pass through this life alone, but to help and love each other. Merry Christmas.

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