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Speech-Time Exclusive --, Pick up some public speaking social skills!
January 21, 2009

Anytime is Speech-Time

Welcome to Speech-Time exclusive. Building public speaking skills is more than a one-time thing, and that's why we're writing this e-zine! Every other week, we'll give you the opportunity to take your public speaking to the next level.


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This week, we'll be talking about...

Confidence to Spare

Table of Contents

1. Your contributions, buying speeches.

2. "Quotes To Speak By"

3. Confidence to spare.

4. One last thing.

Welcome to our newsletter on the wonderful world of the spoken word. I would like to personally welcome all new subscribers, and thank those who have recommended our site. As always, we welcome your questions, suggestions, and contributions. Our aim is to help newcomers to public speaking, and aid old timers polish their skills. Hopefully whatever your status, you will find useful tips, suggestions, and ideas in our words. But before we begin...

1. Your Contributions

I'd like to remind you that you can contribute content to the site in a number of ways and on a variety of topics. If you have something to share about public speaking, href="/public-speaking-stories.html">share it!

Professional Speeches You Can Buy

While is all about writing speeches, we know that sometimes everyone gets short on time - at least, I do! So I reviewed a couple of websites where you can buy professionally-written speeches for those times when you just can't get your ready. Check them out at What to Do When You Need A Speech FAST.

2. "Quotes To Speak By"

Sydney Smith (1771-1845), an English clergyman and author, worked to promote the education of women and the study of practical subjects over the classics. He recognized the potential in every person, not just of the privileged classes.

"A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making a first effort."

3. Confidence to spare.

What can turn an otherwise timid person into a successful speaker? To some, the mere thought makes their mouths go dry, knees go weak, and brains cease to function. Even very successful people often freeze up at the mere thought of speaking in front of a group. Confidence in yourself can positively affect every aspect of your life.

Building confidence starts in your own home, long before you try to stand up in front of an audience. How do you spend your spare time? The first step in developing your confidence is to improve yourself. Read reputable self-help books, work on personal or spiritual growth. As you grow within yourself, then you are ready to move beyond yourself.

Know what and who your audience is. Learn all you can about everything you can. The broader your knowledge base, the more natural your speech will become. And above all, practice! Enlist your friends to 'try out' parts of your speech. Treat it more like a conversation than a lecture.

Confidence grows as you become more comfortable with yourself. Personal growth translates into outer assurance. Have the courage to improve yourself, and the courage to speak to others will follow.

Happy speaking!

4. One Last Thing.

Today, Jan. 20, 2009, is a historic day for those of us in the United States. Not only did we swear in our 44th president, but the first African-American to hold this office. Regardless if we agree with his policies, today wasn't about being Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, black or white. Today, we are Americans.

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